• Supports sending in stereo.
  • Supports client certificates and thus can be registered on a server by an admin or even can register itself if the server allows it.
  • As of version 0.10.x it is available in English, German and Bavarian, see here.
  • Bot automatically adjusts its bitrate to fit the servers bandwidth limitation.
  • Stream audio from an MPD.
  • Support for plugins.
  • Can download music, for example from Youtube or other websites.
  • Can search for music on Youtube or other websites.
  • Streaming of internet radio.
  • Live changing of bitrate or volume.
  • Audio ducking – the bot lowers the playback volume if a user speaks.
  • Supports both CELT and Opus codec for maximum compatibility even on old Mumble servers <1.2.4.
  • No need for a web interfaces to control the bot. Everything can be done with text commands on your Mumble server.
  • Support for whitelist of users who are only able to control the bot. Superusers are treated as being on the whitelist automatically.

For a complete list of features you must try the bot yourself. Write .help to your own bot and have fun :)

See also

If you hesitate whether setting up the Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot is worth it you may connect to Natenoms Mumble-Server in order to test one of the bots there. Just ask someone for an admin and a temporary registration on the server.