How to run the bot

There are several methods to run the bot.

Installation options

Option 1: Install it on your own – Installation Howto

Using this installation howto is basically a copy and paste task, even if you are unexperienced with Linux.

See Installation HowTo.

Option 2: Use a VirtualBox Virtual Appliance – Download a Fully set up Mumble Ruby Pluginbot

Instead of setting up the bot yourself you can download a fully set up Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot as a virtual appliance for VirtualBox. All you need to do after importing it to VirtualBox is to change one configuration file and add your server address and bot name.

The howto can be here: VirtualBox Appliance for Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot.

Option 3: Use Docker

There is a Dockerfile available to automatically build a Docker container running MPD and the current stable branch of Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot.

Option 4: Preconfigured images for different systems

See Pre configured system images.


Automatic update

Login as botmaster and run:


Select the first entry and press enter when prompted :)

Then restart your bot(s). Thats it :)

Be aware that this only works if you installed the bot with the official installation howto, see Installation HowTo.